The UCSF WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency and Trauma Care supports multiple aspects of the ECS Toolkit development at the request of the WHO. However, as a Collaborating Centre we have several deliverables that we are mandated by WHO to provide. These include:

Metrics to evaluate emergency care systems

We are creating metrics that help policy makers evaluate their systems and identify the opportunities to improve the delivery of quality healthcare when their people need it most.

A standardized clinical form template for emergency care visits

Simple, standard charting templates help health care providers adopt and follow life-saving practices, ensure a consistent standard across regions, and allow for better communication between care providers for the same patient. Additionally, they allow for the collection of clinical care data to inform quality improvement measures at the facility.

A monitoring and evaluation strategy for implementation of the emergency care toolkit

The emergency care toolkit is designed to be a flexible, adaptable support. Measurement will help us assess, and continuously improve, the way it is rolled out and used. The goal is to expend energy and resources only on programs that improve patient care.

A presentation slide deck for the WHO Basic Emergency Care (BEC) course

First, train the trainers! The development of a standardized electronic slide set will introduce trainers to the WHO BEC course and support them in delivering consistent high-quality teaching.

Implementation of the WHO BEC course

The WHO BEC course has been rolled out as pilot studies in Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda at country and local institutional request. More courses are planned, and we’ll be on hand  as needed to provide knowledge sharing and support.

Digital (e-learning) resources for the WHO BEC course

Trainers and practitioners need ongoing support and reference material. Through the development of computer and mobile resources, healthcare professionals will have access to current educational material no matter where they are.

Resources available at Basic Emergency Care Course: Adjunct Resources.